Wines at Hipping Hall Restaurant in Kirkby Lonsdale

At Hipping Hall, our wines mirror our food philosophy, in other words they are unique, vibrant and natural.

Peruse our wine list (here) and prepare to take your palate on a journey of discovery and encounter an entirely new world of wine…

Our Sommelier and our importer have carefully selected small vineyards who share our ethos. Their wines are organic, bio-dynamic and above all else natural – the perfect pairing for Peter Howarth’s food.

These producers ensure that there are no artificial herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers, used in their vineyards, that fermentation is done using wild yeast from grape skins (rather than artificially created yeasts) and a minimum of sulphur dioxide – literally letting nature make the wine…

It may be surprising to hear but this is nothing new… ‘natural’ wines have been with us for thousands of years… they are principally as nature intended with little intervention from man, they are meant to be an honest representation of a piece of land at a particular point in time… The soil is enhanced with natural composts and organic preparations, planting, pruning and harvesting are carried out in tandem with the lunar cycle. Essentially all the components necessary to start and complete fermentation and give balance and complexity to the wine produced must come from the vineyard itself.

This, we think you will agree, is provenance at its best – the perfect accompaniment to Peter’s food.



Wine List