The Trip

After a long wait, The Trip, starring Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan is finally on our screens.

Ever since people have found out that Hipping Hall was to be one of the restaurants featured in ‘The Trip’ with Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan, we’ve been asked loads of questions about what our experience with them was like. So, we thought we’d compile a list of the questions most frequently asked, but if you have any you’d like answering then please do get in touch.

We are absolutely thrilled to have been involved with the project and I hope that people are enjoying the series as much as we are.

How did you get selected to take part?

We’re not sure! Michael Winterbottom and one of his producers came in to see us one day, explained what they wanted to do, had dinner and then stayed over. A week or so later we got a phone call saying they’d love it if we took part. Who are we to refuse?

Were you not worried about what they might say?

Of course, I’ve been terrified since the day we agreed to do it! We knew it was a bit of a risk, but we always thought that if they said good things it would be good for us and if they took the mick, well, then maybe we’d come across as being good sports. After speaking to Michael Winterbottom it turns out we needn’t have worried. It was always his intention to make the North-West look fantastic and for all of the restaurants to be happy with the episode that they were in. In some ways it turns out that The Trip is autobiographical. Winterbottom is originally from Bolton and Steve Coogan’s line “I wanted to show her the north – a piece of me…” is in some small way a reference to himself.

When was it filmed?

The whole trip was filmed over the course of a week back in February this year. It was shot in sequential order and they came to us from Holbeck Ghyll, just like they do in the series.

They then came back a couple of weeks later to fill in any missing dialogue. Unfortunately, the first time they came it was pouring with rain and when they came again it was brilliant sunshine. See if you can spot the continuity!

How long did it take to film?

The crew were here all day but ‘lunch’ started at 11 am and went through until 4.30 pm. We served each of the six courses four times in total, and all of the plates came back pretty clean!

Did you get to see your episode before it was shown on BBC 2?

We didn’t get to see the whole episode, but we were invited down to London to watch the cast and crew showing of ‘The Trip’ the film. This was then premiered at the Toronto Film Festival where it received a standing ovation and rave reviews.

What were they like in real life?

Having either Rob Brydon or Steve Coogan in your hotel would have been unusual enough, but to have both of them was bordering on the surreal. I have to say, both of them were disturbingly normal, exceptionally polite and totally respectful. I can’t confess to having had an in depth conversation with either of them but having the opportunity to pass a few comments with them was great fun, and one I’ll never forget.

Who was funnier Rob Brydon or Steve Coogan?

I couldn’t possibly answer that!

So what was the deal?

There was no deal struck between the Hotels and the production company. We were paid for the food they ate and the wine they drank.

Did they stay at Hipping Hall?

Yes, but only for one night. We’re not telling in which rooms, you’ll have to work it out for yourselves.

Are the staff actors?

No. Apart from Rob, Steve, the PA and the photographer all of the people at Hipping Hall are either our real staff or extras.

What did they have to eat?

They had the tasting menu that we were running with at the time. Which was,

Hand dived Scallops (again!), Roasted Cauliflower Purée, Caper Emulsion

Confit Pork Belly, Roast Langoustine, Langoustine Bisque

Roast Halibut, Potato Espuma, Mussel Chowder

Roast Saddle of Holker Hall Venison, Parsnip Purée, Creamed Cabbage, Wild Mushrooms


‘Rhubarb and Custard’

How Much?!

It doesn’t come across very well in the show, but they had our full tasting menu with cheese and the matching wine package. Including some drinks from the bar before and after the meal. The total bill was around £390 for the 4 of them.

Why are they sat in the conservatory? I thought you had a 15th Century dining room.

Unfortunately, our dining room was too dark to film in without artificial light so it had to be shot in the conservatory.

Filmed throughout the Yorkshire Dales, Trough of Bowland and The Lake District in February, The Trip is a road movie with a unique and mature blend of comedy and realism. Six episodes of very loosely scripted material were shot at six different restaurants under the directorship of Michael Winterbottom. Hipping Hall is very proud to be have been involved with the project and will be looking forward to seeing the results on the 22nd of November, BBC 2 at 10pm.

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