Leck Beck & Easegill Kirk

Approx 7.5 miles (12km).

This walk is a perfect introduction to the world of Limestone…following Leck Beck from green pastures to open moors… The drama begins with the gorge of Easegill Kirk. The lower section of the gorge is a bit of gem, with leaning rock walls punctuated by a number of cave entrances. But the drama’s not over here, as the level moor is pockmarked with holes, from shallow pits to gaping shafts. Fortunately, all the dangerous ones are fenced off… The deepest is the aptly named Rumbling Hole… which gets its name from the constant drip of water striking stones 110m below… There’s also a bit of caving mecca in the form of Lost John’s Cave part of the three counties system… This walk is very a brief glimpse at the beauty of limestone country and well worth the effort…

Hipping Hall

Stay & Dine

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