Devil’s Bridge, Radical Steps & Ruskin’s View

Approx 1.5 miles (2.5km).

This short walk packs in quite a bit… It starts at the ancient medieval Bridge known as Devil’s Bridge… there’s a bit of a story attached to this as you might expect… A woman separated from her fields by the river made a pact with the Devil. He promised to build a bridge across the river, in return for the soul of the first living thing to cross. The woman tricked her dog into running across first and the Devil had to be satisfied with the animal’s soul…
After taking in this fine Medieval bridge you walk alongside the river Lune upstream on an easy level path which follows the course of the river until it comes to ‘The Radical Steps’, 86 stone steps rising from the riverside to St. Mary’s churchyard, built in 1819 by local man Francis Pearson, reputedly a bit of a political firebrand, hence the name of the steps…
After this invigorating climb you will spy a viewing point to the right… from here you will find yourself overlooking the wide sweep of the river towards the Middleton, Barbon and Leck Fells, a view described by thinker John Ruskin as ‘’one of the loveliest views in England, therefore in the world.’’ After taking in the views wander around the churchyard and explore the unique shops in Kirkby before making your way back via Jingling Lane, which leads off the Market Square to Devil’s Bridge.

Hipping Hall Hotel & Restaurant is just a short drive from Devils Bridge. For further information on Devils Bridge, visit our attractions page.

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